Kingsmill Governing Documents

To live in Kingsmill, as with any other neighborhood, you must follow the rules. These rules begin with Federal and State laws as well as James City County Ordinances. But, in Kingsmill, it doesn’t end there.

There are many other rules that you must follow, and these are defined in a number of different documents. In some instances, you will need to refer to multiple documents to determine how to proceed in accordance with our local rules.

Currently, these are the documents containing covenants, restrictions and rules that you must follow, shown in order of precedence. All are subject to change from time to time [1].

Document Pages Date Adopted
Kingsmill Master Plan Summary 9 4/11/1972
Kingsmill Master Plan Changes 1986 2 3/21/1986
Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions 23 9/18/1973
Supplemental Declaration [2] 5 9/24/1973
Amendment [3] 5 11/20/1973
Amendment [4] 2 4/1/1976
Amendment [5] 2 5/1/1981
Amendment [6] 3 10/28/2004
Amendment [7] 4 5/15/2009
KCSA Articles of Incorporation 9 10/3/1973
Amendment [8] 4 6/15/2017
KCSA Bylaws 12 8/25/2016
KCSA Rules & Regulations 19 8/6/2019
EPB Policies & Procedures 39 8/6/2019
Enforcement and Due Process Policies and Procedures 3 ??
Community Association Management Agreement 39 1/1/2019
Other Documents
KCSA 1990 Annual Meeting Minutes 5 9/10/1990
Written Consent of Xanterra Kingsmill 2 2/24/2016

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In order to simplify the task of finding which rules apply to a particular situation, we have created searchable, text versions of each of the documents, incorporating all amendments into each document, as shown below.

Disclaimer: The following searchable documents are provided to assist with locating references to particular situations and, once a particular section of interest has been established, reference should be made to the same section in the original document.

Document Pages
Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions 16
KCSA Articles of Incorporation 9
KCSA Bylaws 12
KCSA Rules & Regulations 16
EPB Policies & Procedures 39


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Additionally, residents of "Limited Common Parcels" and Subdivisions are subject to the following additional covenants and restrictions:

Document Pages Date Adopted
Limited Common Parcels: Archer’s Mead 40 4/17/1980
Burwell’s Green 24 9/12/1990
Harrop’s Glen 21 10/24/2008
Littletown Quarter 56 5/5/2003
Supplement 4 10/4/2011
Moody’s Run 44 8/18/1988
Quarterpath Trace 38 12/2/1997
River’s Edge 30 7/7/1997
Wareham’s Point 35 9/11/1990
Winster Fax 44 2/28/1974
Subdivisions: Armistead Point 23 10/5/2004
Bray Wood & Whittaker’s Mill 12 9/24/1973
Browning’s Grant 18 10/14/1996
Burwell’s Bluff 26 6/7/2016
Burwell’s Glen 31 10/10/1985
Burwell’s Landing 31 5/14/1974
Burwell’s Woods 11 5/28/1986
Colston’s Crossing 9 11/30/1983
Conference Center Condos 43 2/11/1988
Fairfax Woods 30 3/19/1985
Hampton Key & Mile Course 11 5/10/1974
Jefferson’s Hundred – Phase I 13 7/17/1989
Jefferson’s Hundred – Phase II 10 9/26/1991
North Quarter 12 10/12/1995
Padget’s Ordinary I, II, III 56 3/19/1984
Pelham’s Ordinary 44 6/30/1982
Randolph’s Green 28 6/21/1984
River Bluffs Condos
River Bluffs 17 9/25/2009
Sandys’ Fort 22 12/14/1998
Southall Quarter 13 5/4/1976
Spencer’s Grant 42 11/26/2007
Tazewell’s Hundred 15 9/10/1980
Tutter’s Neck 9 8/12/1977
Wickham’s Grant 13 7/19/1988
Yeardley’s Grant 27 10/11/1982

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[1] Amendment of the Declaration requires the written consent of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the Owners and of the Developer; According to Virginia State law § 13.1 -888, the Articles of Incorporation may be amended by the vote of a majority of each voting group of Members or, in some cases, by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors; The Bylaws may be amended at the Annual Meeting by the vote of a majority of the Members and the consent of the Developer, or by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors; The Rules & Regulations may be amended by a majority vote of the Board of Directors; The EPB Policies & Procedures may be amended by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
[2] This is a template only — to be used to create Supplemental Declarations for Parcels and Subdivisions.
[3] Adds covenants for Limited Common Areas.
[4] Establishes pre-closing assessment for purchase of Lot from Developer.
[5] Adds pre-closing assessment for purchase of Lot from Owner.
[6] When Declaration expires after 35 years, adds successive periods of 25 years; and changes Member majority required to amend Declaration from 75% to two thirds (2/3).
[7] Prohibits occupation for transient or hotel purposes.
[8] Affirms minimum of 4 elected Directors.